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MIKE I bet your chompin' at the bit for hoop season to start. ALEX Yeah, me and the guys are running drills, scrimmaging, getting in shape.

Remember, it's not how big you are- ALEX -it's how big you play.

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I couldn't even hire you now with only a high school diploma. PAN around the gym, everybody's doing the Hammer dance. Coach shakes his head in disgust and when the routine ends- COACH HARVEY Alright, Ladies, bring it in! Ed hands waters to the Players, skips Dom, stops at Mike. MIKE Ed, I can't help you with the girls if you keep showing up places dressed like the Cookie Crisp guy. Dude, don't look now but I think Muffy Campanella is scopin' you hard. CHEERLEADERS at center court perform the Hammer DANCE ROUTINE. A PLAYER kneeling in front holds a sign, `FITCH FALCONS, 1989'. MIKE And you suck, Dom, but we're letting you in the picture. 17 AGAIN Written by Jason Filardi October 2007 EXT. Mike's hair, a pompadour mullet a la `21 Jump Street' and short shorts circa 1989. COACH HARVEY First game of the season and the scouts are already lining up.

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