Accomodating strategy


Knowing your negotiation environment is critical to using the most appropriate strategy.

Having taken inventory of your style, their style, the importance of the stakes, and the importance of the relationship.

Really understanding a situation means more than what clothes you wear, the shape of the table or interpretive body language.

It means thinking clearly about the relationship or potential relationship you have to the other party grasping the relative importance of the outcome (i.e., Is it a one time low-stakes negotiated agreement or is it an important transaction with a great deal at stake for both sides? Use the grid below to help you assess situation factors for any negotiation.

The grid provides guidelines to help you determine what to do in various situations.

Situation Awareness – meaning being fully aware of where a particular negotiation falls in the grid – will help you reach a successful negotiation outcome or help you realize that you shouldn't be negotiating.

You've probably been told that you should, for example, wear a dark suit with a touch of red to emanate power, or sit at a round table to convey willingness toward teamwork.

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