Accommodating foreign students

Directories of recognised language schools across Ireland are provided by the websites of ACELS and MEI.The websites of the bigger colleges will generally include quite extensive accommodation information for prospective students and may also explain how landlords can best list accommodation that could suit their students.ICOS regularly receives enquiries from people wishing to offer accommodation to international students in their homes (also known as homestay) but who are uncertain how to go about arranging it.This page is intended to answer some basic queries and point you in the right direction...ICOS is not in a position to recommend any particular website and would therefore advise the usual checks before sharing personal information or making payments.In whatever way you plan to get the word out, think carefully about the practicalities of where your accommodation is located in relation to different colleges and focus on those which are a short walk away or accessible by good public transport links.

We aim to ensure that all enquiries and quotes are answered promptly.

Less commonly, the arrangement may also appeal to international students attending further and higher education.

What do international students expect from homestay?

Our portfolio also includes numerous house share properties, all chosen specifically with comfort and quality in mind as well as being price-sensitive.

We offer our own efficient meet-and-greet service and group transfers by mini bus or coach to and from any London location at competitive prices.

Most of our homestay clients are booked by organisations, such as schools, colleges or universities, or by businesses.

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