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I recently shared with my 21-year-old daughter that there is a good reason why dads need to be involved in this whole process. To be honest, as a dad, I’m somewhat blind to this because I’m not interested in what he looks like. This holds true for moms, siblings, and close friends.If they all are saying he’s not the one for you, there is likely truth behind their assessment. These are the five things I’ve continually stressed to my daughter when it comes to finding the right man.From a practical standpoint, think about it like this.If you were going to spend a lot of money to buy a new car and you personally knew little about how cars work, wouldn’t you want an expert to help you buy the right one?

What I’m referring to is a continual communication of biblical truths and common sense regarding how our daughters and sons should approach the pursuit of relationships with the opposite sex.I can still recall "the talk" we had when I mentioned to my dad that I was thinking about asking my then-to-be wife to marry me.We were driving at the time, and I still remember the comment he made, "You need to marry her before she finds out everything about you." While my dad was kidding to some degree, he was totally serious about his instructions, and he couldn't have given me better advice.Without humility there is no grace, and a graceless life will lead a man down a path of prideful destruction.A humble man listens to the needs of his wife and is quick to seek forgiveness when he is wrong.This should start at an early age and proceed until they walk down the aisle.

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